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Radalink Service Details

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Analysis Service Features

  • Inspector transmits property and client info electronically via MyRadalink.com
  • Radalink performs data analysis and reviews it for anomalies, including suspicion of tampering.
  • Radalink prepares and delivered a personalized report and delivers it via email (as a PDF attachment) to the technician and up to five additional recipients, such as the buyer, the agent, the relocation company, the closing attorney, etc. - all within the hour.*
  • Radalink automatically sends a text message of test result to technician's cell phone.
  • Radalink attaches an addendum to invalidate the results if it appears that EPA protocol was violated, or if severe weather anomalies may have influenced the results.
  • Radalink replaces each monitor annually when it is due for calibration, and sends you a replacement monitor in advance so that you experience no down-time.
  • Radalink provides complete Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Quality Assurance (QA) Plan, approved by every regulated state.
  • In the rare event of a malfunctioning field monitor, Radalink will replace it via overnight express delivery, and will reimburse the technician for the cost of conducting a re-test, if necessary.
  • Radalink provides toll-free customer service counseling to homebuyers and agents about interpreting test results and EPA or state recommendations.
  • Radalink auto-tracks worker radon exposure for all test placement and retreival technicians.
  • Radalink submits all state required activity reports on behalf of technicians.
  • Radalink displays the monitor's calibration date on every report.

* for data uploads received Monday-Friday between 8am-6pm ET, or between 10am-2pm ET Saturdays