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Radalink Radon TeleMonitor


Tamper Resistant Features for Your Protection

       EPA strongly urges the use of tamper resistant techniques when conducting a radon test in the context of a real estate transaction.  All Radalink monitors are equipped with a tilt sensor that will log any time the monitor is moved and a power sensor that will record if the power source changes from AC to battery and back to AC.  Hourly readings of the radon concentration, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure will record any unusual fluctuations resulting from Protocol violations.  In other words, it is extremely difficult to compromise a Radalink test without being caught.

Upload the Test –We do the Rest

       Upon completing a test with the TeleMonitor, you automatically upload the data (in 30 seconds) toll free via phone line.  Upon completing a test with the AirCat, you instantly retrieve the data (via Bluetooth) with a Smartphone, Pocket PC or any device compatible with Windows, Windows Mobile or CE. The data is then uploaded to Radalink via the first available Internet connection.

       Within the hour, Radalink processes the data, reviews it for evidence of tampering, prepares a complete personalized report, and delivers it via email to you, your client, the Realtor and/or relocation company if designated. You will also receive a text message of the result on your cell phone. If upon analysis, it appears in our professional opinion that closed-house conditions were not maintained, the report contains an addendum with a full explanation.

Client Counseling

       Radalink recognizes your workload may not allow you sufficient time to answer all the questions and concerns raised by clients and agents. Simply refer them to your “radon department” at 800-295-4655 and our trained staff will assist them by answering all their questions relating to their radon test report and mitigation recommendations.

Quality Assurance

       Every time a Radalink Monitor is powered on, a routine diagnostic test is performed, checking the high voltage and background settings and the electronic communication between the microprocessor and the ion chamber.  The program then performs a Routine Instrument Check, counting the known activity of a built-in check source. Only when it has passed these tests, does the display change to the Test Mode.

       Our service includes annual monitor calibration at no additional cost (even shipping). For those in licensing states, Radalink provides a pre-approved QA plan to submit with the license application. We track and maintain worker exposure records and prepare and submit all required activity reports to the state regulatory agency.


       Radalink conducts 2-day certification/licensing seminars in locations across the country. Click here for scheduled dates and locations. If you choose to become a Radalink affiliate, the tuition is applied to your service account.

Our Detector Technology

       All Radalink Monitors utilize our  pulsed ion chamber technology. Ambient air passively diffuses into the chamber in which the radon atoms (as well as the subsequent polonium decay products) disintegrate, emitting alpha particles. 

The alphas (positively charged ions) create bursts of additional ion pairs by knocking electrons from surrounding air atoms. Negative ions will pulse to the positively charged probe; positive ions will pulse to the negatively charged cylinder wall. The pulses are counted by the electrometer and stored hourly by the computer.  Detector efficiency is computed by exposures to known radon concentrations to determine the pulse counts per hour per pCi/l.

Unlike open-cage ion detectors that can record spurious counts and severely bias the measurement, Radalink’s ion chamber is specially shielded to eliminate interference from vibrations, electrical line noise, cellular phones and microwave energy.