Monitor Program Prices

Our prices are based on the plan, or number of monitors you choose.
There is a one-time account activation fee of $150, and then your month-to-month lease will be based on the following.

AirCat Flat Rate

AirCat $90/mo. Full-Service Lease Plan: NEW!

Perfect for seasonal times when business may slow, pay only a $90 monthly base rate plus $30 per lab-processed, end-client test report.
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AirCat Flat Rate Lease Plan with Unlimited Report Processing:

1 to 4 monitors: $165 per month each
5 to 9 monitors: $155 per month each
10 to 14 monitors: $145 per month each
15 or more monitors: call for special pricing

All plans boast the technology and convenience of our newest state-of-the-art radon monitors. Via Bluetooth, our monitors allow you to upload test data directly to our lab via your iOS, Android™ or Windows® device.
AirCat Specs | Service Details

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